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zebleer correcting BadBoy Beaman and ItsHapa misinformation about Phantom Overlay


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Video: https://youtu.be/js2TA-2K6bc

1. BBB says we claim to be private but aren't. What we sell on PO isn't private. It's obviously public hence the public sales. What we claim is that we have private cheats that are invite only for EAC/BE games and also for streamers. Larger streamers get private cheats and offerings from us, but we are also the best place for smaller streamers to buy our publicly sold cheats because we are more stream safe than other providers, have never been detected, and our cheats look legitimate. It's that simple.

2. BBB claims our cheats are no different than others streaming wise. Our cheats aren't the same as most other cheats stream safe wise. We are external and have done a lot of work to be stream safe. Our cheat won't show up on nearly anything, including Gyazo and print screen captures which is unlike any other cheat provider besides one (there is one other cheat provider that has put as much work into stream proofing as us). We do show on some softwares when desktop screen is recorded, but not on game capture, and we work to improve stream proofing constantly.

3. BBB claims we have been detected. We have never been detected. I don't know why BBB keeps saying that PO has been detected. Yes, we are "detectable" in that we can be detected. We never claimed otherwise. All we claim is that we've never been detected & are going to work hard to keep it that way. So far so good. We are one of two large providers who has never had a detection.

4. BBB claims we were ruined by DDOS attacks upon launching when in reality we dealt with them well. The DDOS attacks against our site and loader were mitigated quickly. Downtime was never over 30 minutes. The attacks evolved and so did the mitigations. Large providers saw us as a threat for good reason. After a little over 2 weeks, we had gotten our CloudFlare and servers setup to where the continuing DDOS attacks were meaningless. We dealt with the loader DDOS attacks particularly fast for obvious reasons.

5. BBB claims that PO is a paste of another provider. I don't think he actually believes this, I think he just knows that "paste" is a word you can use against a provider to make them meaningless, even if it's not true. When people see "paste" along a name of a cheat site, they usually correlate that cheat site negatively moving forwards, even if it's a lie. I will commend BBB on knowing this & using this strategy. It's smart. He knows no one will actually look into that claim. He never even named the alleged provider we pasted from & he knows he doesn't have to because no one will research the claim at all. Obviously as everyone in the cheat scene knows, we didn't paste anything. Even our biggest competitors will tell you that.

6. ItsHapa is correct that EO & AA try to minimize providers they see as a threat. Not sure how this is a negative towards us? They don't "gatekeep" new providers. They only go after providers they see as a threat to their market control. Thanks for the compliment.

7. ItsHapa claims that us being more stream safe and focusing on security is a "sales tactic." How is it a tactic when it's factual? We are more stream safe than all but one other cheat provider & we've never been detected because we focus on security. These are not empty sales tactics, these are facts that can be witnessed through research. Go boot up your favorite internal cheat and record your gameplay using shadowplay game capture then do a print screen capture. The cheat is going to show, unlike with PO. It's also commonly known that PO is one of only two providers that has never been detected & we focus on security, looking legitimate, & staying UD.

8. ItsHapa claims that we are no different than any other cheat. Again, we are more stream safe than other cheats, more security focused, & have never been detected. All of which are attractive to streamers. Our cheat also looks more legitimate when used.

9. ItsHapa says we lacked aimbot and had a recoil slider in the beginning. So clearly, he has never used or talked to someone who's used PO. We never had anything to do with recoil in our cheat & we had aimbot at launch.

10. ItsHapa claims we copied our ESP from elsewhere. Where? What's the proof or the source? Do you want to just say whatever you want like you know what you are talking about? PO ESP is unique & not pasted. Anyone with eyes would know this.

11. ItsHapa claims Apollo attacked PO. Apollo wasn't who DDOS'd PO. They took credit but we got their tool & it wasn't the culprit. Again, do your research.

12. ItsHapa got the DDOS situation incorrectly again (see #4). The site was attacked before the loader. Downtime was never more than 30 minutes. I waited for attacks then mitigated based on the attack.

13. BBB claims PO is a reskin of another cheat & presents no proof or names once again. See #5 for more.

14. BBB claims that our public sales will hurt our ability to privately provide streamers. As if I can only have one project at a time & am unable to make unique cheats that read & draw differently for private users.

15. BBB claims the gameplay of PO looks legit but is sus because of headshots. The user can simply change target for the aimbot to random or something other than head. That is a user's choice.

16. BBB: "Name one cheat developer who hasn't been detected." OK, Phantom Overlay.

17. BBB is upset that PO uses a loader to inject the cheat & claims that means PO is just like all the other detected cheat providers. That's not how any of this works friend. Security is more about unique cheats & bypass that are creative & secure as well as a lot of focus on security & making sure the cheat dodges Ricochet server side & manual reviews.

18. BBB says EngineOwning gets detected a lot. The only fact stated in this video.

19. BBB claims that we paid people to promote us. We have a lot of happy customers who are vocal about their support for us. I absolutely would pay for promotion, but other than the forums I haven't done so yet.

20. BBB claims us selling a spoofer is proof we get detected a lot. We've never been detected, but other providers have. Believe it or not, customers actually change providers quite often. We have many customers coming to PO from a provider that got them HWID banned, and so we offer them our spoofer so that they can use a reliable spoofer with PO. We tell all PO users who are not HWID banned to not use our spoofer, or any spoofer.

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Thank you Zeb for this clarification. Those of us who are members of PO support and trust PO. Nothing this "fame seeker" says will make us worry. You are the biggest butt kicker of all.

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I’m embarrassed for him and his followers 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
So much false information in one video 🙈🙈🙈🙈

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F^c|< all of em!!!! *bangs CC on table* let me know what guidelines or rules to follow in order to get the private stuff. That’s all I care about. PO is really starting to impress me… or Zeb. 

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We all know that BBB is full of shit. The guy who fake clips about streamers, now also fakes info about Providers ... LMAO

Customer since semptember and happy with our service. No detections, no bans, no downtimes, Plug & play

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i always find it funny when i see people talking down about this software, or how its so obvious and anyone who uses it will get detected... especially when i am in game and running the program and they are none the wiser lol this honestly is the most thorough software when it comes to security and UD, which is why I've only spent my money with this provider and will never switch to another. What's the famous saying? "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Might do some of y'all well to take that one into consideration.

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On 4/23/2022 at 1:52 AM, Gunmax said:

Hapa is a Golden Gun dickeater 

Yeah it really seemed like he had a bias for Golden Gun which might explain why he was so hard & misinformative about PO, considering GG and I feuded before they got shut down. He didn't even mention that Golden Gun exited their users over a C&D. It was also clear he's never used PO, just sat in my chat, so that supports my theory.

This was a bias driven work by Hapa & a clueless driven work by BBB.

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On 5/16/2022 at 10:59 PM, alma5200 said:

I would like to know any PO members has chance to get your private products ? such as specially cheat for EAC games ?

No, sorry. Maybe in the future we will consider this for trusted members who have been with us a while but no plans as of now so don't get hopes high.

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It was confirmed to me that ItsHapa was basically Golden Gun staff so that explains why he didn't like or respect PO despite clearly never using it once.

& then BBB got all his information from ItsHapa so the game of telephone just made it worse.

It's really sad but also completely expected. They don't care about getting it right they just care about getting clicks & pushing forward whatever narrative they want to push.

It's odd to me that ItsHapa still praises Golden Gun despite them shutting down what feels like nearly a year ago but I guess old bias never dies. To some people PO vs GG was never over even though I made peace with the GG owner before he shut down.

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On 6/27/2022 at 12:07 AM, ChristianDior said:

Both sound like lying is their strategi for a good video or to get clicks. 

You're exactly correct yes.

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