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Question about ESP after extended playtime.

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Hello, I wanted to ask anyone if there is something I can do to make the ESP more reliable after multiple hours of playtime. It seems that after a few hours of consistent playtime in Warzone & Modern Warfare Multiplayer, the ESP starts to be a bit buggy. Sometimes it will be on, and sometimes it won't be. I haven't seen anything that I would consider to cause it that I am doing, other than potentially not having my game or system optimized correctly?


Usually, the first 3 hours or so of in-game playtime for me, everything works great. But after a few hours, I will drop into a game and ESP won't be on and I will have to constantly use the "FIX ESP" button, and sometimes that doesn't really help either.


Let me know if there is something I am able to do to prevent this. 


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23 hours ago, UsoPayday said:

Any resolve on this? cause i seem to be encountering the same issue as well. is this a user error? please advise. 

We pushed fixes for this about 2 months ago that solved the issue for the majority of users. If ESP disappears but you can still open the menu use the "Fix ESP" option in the menu. Make a ticket if you keep having issues!

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