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✨ Ricochet anti-cheat ✨ support added


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Ricochet anti-cheat support added for Warzone/MW. As I reverse more I will support it better but that's probably just going to be overkill as I think I've already done enough. For now it will stay in open testing since this is early on. No issues so far but with or without Ricochet driver on your PC (not active in all regions yet) just only use the Warzone/MW cheat if you are willing to accept the risk. If not, wait. Also yes duh it's updated for the new map etc.

Also notice that Warzone is part of MW not Vanguard. I do not care if it says "Vanguard BR" it's not Vanguard it's MW. When you open Vanguard and select Warzone it literally does a count down and then boots Modern Warfare (left click on the tray icon if you don't believe me and read it "Modern Warfare"). It's MW. So yes Warzone/MW are always going to be paired. Vanguard cheat is it's own thing for Vanguard MP and zombies only...

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14 hours ago, jhayes99 said:

Hi, Activision said they released in north America today, any thoughts?

6 hours ago, xxxdexter said:


Zeb got it covered no worries.

6 hours ago, eXe said:

Second that.
Ricochet is active since a couple of days in other regions and they are using PO without a problem


3 hours ago, jhayes99 said:

Hello, ive updated the the loader, when i launch into game it says game version not supported?

3 hours ago, n1k3nnnt said:

hey i got game not valid after 2 minute in lobby wont work for me 



1 hour ago, isharted said:

overlay worked well yesterday. today after starting a match, before join the overlay says "game version not supported" and closes the overlay. seems it is busted now.

1 hour ago, Kwon said:

not busted, needs an update

57 minutes ago, isharted said:

yes, sorry. i mean not functional at the moment. wonder when it will be updated


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