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My Config for M&K


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Hi all, I've been using PO for a week now, I gotta highly recommend PO since it's so easy to setup/use and the Aimbot works so good that the recommended settings they provide feels way too broken for me. I've been using it on my main account without any issues whatsoever YOLO. Hope it helps if you're looking for a more legit config and don't want to heavily rely on the aimbot.

Aimbot Tab:

Hotkey - Mouse1
FOV - 6
Time to Target - 400ms
Lock on Target - Off
Smoothness - 34/90
Stickiness - 2/9
Target Bone - Random
Head Chance - 0%
Deadzone - Disabled
Visible only - On
Track covered player - Off


Menu Position - Left (up tp you)
Panic Key - Shift + Z
Draw Crosshair - Off
Draw Watermark - Off
High Performance - On
Framerate - 150/240 

Player ESP - OFF
Radar - OFF

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