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How to seem LEGIT ?


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Hi, i’m new to this awesome community, I wanted a thread with some tips to seem legit when using PO on Warzone.


I have seen the bible and I apply its technical methods but I have some other « gameplay » tips like :


I never finish my kill when a close teammate can do it for me so the opponent never see his killcam.


When I play with randoms and the one who dies is on my screen I never use AB because I find it too strong for the moment it can blast full headies on one pixel even with the most weak config.


I Always let myself die to the teammate of my downed opponent If I know for sure that the killcam will be nasty and I have no one to finish him so he can revive him and for them I’ll be just some skilled guy they could kill.


When I shoot someone who is running or in the sky and I see my tracking insane I just immediately stop I never go for the down because he will know it and believe me I never cheated before this month, I always knew when it was shady track when I die to it.



When I’m using radar and I know the exact position of someone, I never run to him pre-aiming I always try to hear his steps saying in my proximity chat I hear steps on me so he can know I’m hearing him and if I don’t hear steps I make myself RUN INTO HIM after checking every corner letting him hearing me and when I see him im never preaiming and I always hipfire then aim.



Yesterday I played ranked with someone who was obviously cheating, but I had the better security loader and the strategy. I’ve let myself die a few times, I never had kills more than him (he always had 15-20 kills) and I had (3-15), he got SB because he said surprisingly that he had to stop suddenly.

I have a good account from mw2019 and I want to keep it I will never let myself to go to an insane KD and I bought DMA to switch from external to it for more security.


I hope you guys liked my first thread and if you can share more tips of how to seem legit I’ll be happy to learn more.

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