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·       This is for AMD set ups that cannot use Moonshine directly for both devices. I will be making a YouTube Video guide in the near future.


·       Main PC: You will need the sunshine portable.zip for windows. Found here https://github.com/LizardByte/Sunshine/releases/tag/v0.23.1

·       Main PC: Rename your computer to PO. You can do this by searching in settings “Rename PC”.


·       Cheat PC: You will need to install Moonlight. Found here:



1.     On Main PC, “Extract All” from sunshine portable zip file.

2.     Go into the folder and run Sunshine as administrator.

3.     You should see a command prompt style box open that initializes Sunshine.

4.     Find the line that has the local host address. Starts with “https://“. Copy that url with CRTL-C and paste that in your web browser.

5.     You’ll need to set a password, username can remain “sunshine”.

6.     Should redirect you to new page that has  configuration settings, and some tabs at the top. One that’s important to note is the “Pin” tab. LEAVE THIS OPEN.

7.     If you want to customize your settings do so. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of how to do this.

8.     Go to Network settings (on your computer not in sunshine) and find your local  IP Address. Have that address ready to go.


9.     On Cheat PC, open Moonlight.


10.  Go to settings and configure your devices resolution, fps, and turn off the mute audio of host device. If you don’t, you won’t have chat or game audio on Main PC.


11.  If you don’t see your PC named PO populate automatically, add it manually by click the option next to settings.


12.  To add manually, insert your local IP Address of Main PC.


13.  When it loads you should now see “PO” with a “Lock” icon.


14.  Click on the device and it will give you a PIN number.


15.  On Main PC, go to that PIN tab I mentioned earlier and enter the PIN number given to you from Moonlight.


16.  On Cheat PC, the lock icon should now be gone. Connect now to PO.


17.  Click the “Desktop” option. You should now be sharing screens with Main PC.


18.  On Main PC open your game of choice. Let it boot up.


19.  On Cheat PC, hit the “Windows” button, go to File Explorer and find your Loader.


20.  Inject. Once injected you can close file explorer. Hit “7” to bring up Menu, click the mouse on Cheat PC to interact with menu.


21.  You will now have ESP, but have to play off of Cheat PC screen. It’s not the greatest, but doable. The better your Cheat PC/ hardwired connection, the better the experience.




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