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Shadowban is BS!


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I just want to say , shadowbanning just because some people reported you is absolute bull****! The same people reporting are the same people using hacks! I've been shadowed a total of 6 days right now and its my second time back to back. I was on SB for 5 days the first time and now this time is longer. And im sb because of a guy who was mad i killed him while he was running hacks! It's fkn bs! I truly hate activision for this dumb ass system. I wouldn't be running PO right now if they could keep hackers out of the game. Its their own fkn fault everyone is hacking. But to ban you and nothing is found? Thats some pu**y sh*t. "Well, we can't find nothing so just shadow ban them a week or so." Thats some hoe sh**. I wanna fight them ... 

Sorry if im a little irate guys , im just venting . Thanks for listening . 

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