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Connection Interrupted by User Crash - 1st Shadow Ban

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Sorry this is a long one...

Last night I was injected and playing ranked at around 1030-1040 pm on my smurf account (600+ level 2011 account).  I ran was running towards someone downed in prison cells when my game froze and started to lag.  Through the lag I could see the person self-reviving and when my game stopped lagging, I was dead and there were two people in front of my dead body who both seemed suspicious.  Neither of my teammates experienced this lag.  I resurge and I go back to get my loot and my squad kills two of them and we kill the 3rd together.  A few minutes later my game crashed, and I got Connection interrupted by user.  My squad said I didn't get ricochet but I showed as disconnected then my name disappeared so I wouldn't be able to rejoin the match.  I check Activision website and I am shadow banned.  I restarted my PC then launched the game.  It makes me reverify my phone number which is set to a different phone number then my main account.

Now to my concern... Three weeks ago, on May 10 around 1027 pm est there was a silent detection confirmed by Zeb who said it wasn't for PO.  I was injected when it happened, but was also changing my activision id in the game and had to restart.  I reinjected and launched the game and the whole PC crashed (never happens).  I check the telegram and everyone in there is experiencing the same thing and people are still injected and having no issues.  Zeb confirmed that it was not for PO, but it was for a different provider.  

Last night was exactly 3 weeks and around the same time as the silent detection.  My friend is always getting shadow banned and he gets kicked from the game but stays in the party.  It normally shows the ricochet next to his name on the feed too.  Not sure if anyone else was on during this time on May 10th or has experienced a shadow ban this way.  Just seems different than the normal shadow ban.  Nervous to login to my main account until I know I am in the clear.

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Thanks for the feedback on this, let us know if anything changes with your account.

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