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DMA presale questions - 1440p 21:9 - LAN/ethernet - other


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I've looked into this quite thoroughly and have some questions for which I couldn't find answers online.

  1. Running a 1440p 21:9
    I think most people game on 16:9s so I just want to confirm that aspect ratio won't effect the cheats ESP/aimbot/Share radar, etc.
    1. Current build is 4090, no lag with external, no noticeable deterioration in gameplay.
      1. ⚠️ Did anyone have issues using the PCI slots with this phat board?
    2. Looking at 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 32 GB, Beelink SER5.
  2. Ethernet/LAN mini PC (cheat pc)
    1. ⚠️ Does the cheat pc need stable internet connection post inject?
    2. ⚠️ Can intermittent connection require the cheat to go offline?


General advice / feedback

  1. Thoughts on the following (good/no good), looking to get the https://cyber-ammo.com/product/cyber-pro/ (pro) with
    1. BE + EAC.
    2. Desktop version for mini PC beelink.
  2. The cheat PC will require an external display.
    1. ⚠️ Does the external display need to match by gaming monitor?
      1. ie, gaming is 4k but cheat monitor is 1080p to save on cost. 
  3. ⚠️ I'm a controller gamer
    1. How does the KMBOX + Xim aimbot differ from controller aimbot?
      1. more settings/options?
    2. Can XIM become detected by the game and we lose this one day or will DMA prevent this from happening (at least in theory, i know its impossible to predict the future)?
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  • Administrator

1. That aspect ratio should be fine as well as that GPU and mini PC.

2. Yes, stable internet is needed. Connection issues shouldn't knock out the cheat, but it will impact speeds.

3. That is a very good set up from Cyber.

4. The display for your cheat PC does not need to match the resolution of your game PC's monitor.

5. Nothing changes on our end, any extra settings you get through XIM will be available though.

6. XIM could eventually be disallowed by some games, we'll announce if that ever happens.

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