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Phantom Overlay guarantees support for RICOCHET anti-cheat on our Warzone cheat & Vanguard cheat upon implementations


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Phantom Overlay guarantees that support will be added to the Warzone & Vanguard cheats at respective implementations for the Ricochet anti-cheat.

There will be no change in price, and existing users will not have to pay anything for the added support. Warzone/MW will stay paired. Vanguard will include all Vanguard modes (i.e. Multiplayer, Zombies).

This is a money back guarantee being added to all product pages now.

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My words of caution from earlier came from me not knowing what was planned for today. Now we know that Ricochet comes later. I still would recommend that if you use a spoofer, take a break until the dust settles as spoofers are seemingly being targeted. Also stay away from services right now. Make your own accounts. Do not use heavy aim settings, or the aim feature at all - if you can play with only visuals, you are going to have a great time. There are many things they can ramp up without Ricochet implementation. Stop raging. It's over.

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17 hours ago, Retro57 said:

hi how will i know when to not use cheats 

Vanguard drops November 5 and 27th November is the apparent implementation of Ricochet to Warzone. If any anticheat updates are made clientside (with a game update) then the cheat will stop working and Zebleer will look into it and update the cheat accordingly. Until then just do as said here about not using heavy rage features and so forth, ESP only if possible. 

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