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Do you have any plans to develop other game cheats ?

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2 hours ago, Fedorino said:

There is a hardcore following for cheats within that Franchise. Some providers doing them for years. Can't interupt that and be the new guys taking over 😂

True, but I heard the new BF2042 will have EAC, if that's true it's already a wrap for most providers out there.

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EAC and BE are really hard to remain UD for long periods of time, especially if your forum is public... So I highly doubt any software for said AC's would be released here, not because the dev(s) can't do it, it just wouldn't be feasible to do so publicly... Even if they stated they do so privately, they would increase the risk as I believe those 2 AC companies have people that attempt to get into 'semi-private' cheats in order to ban them etc... 

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