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What to Do If You Get Game Banned // Chapter 004

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What to Do If You Get Game Banned // Chapter 004


  1. You need to kiss your permanently banned account goodbye & do some tests. You need to understand that being game banned once does not mean you are HWID banned. It is possible that you can be HWID banned after only one game ban, but it is also possible that you could be game banned multiple times without being HWID banned. So, test. Make a new account (do not purchase one) in complete accordance with chapter 1. Do not make any purchases yet, instead use the SMS guidelines from chapter 1 to secure a free test aka Warzone. On this new account, play legitimately without using any cheats or spoofing for 24 hours. If you are HWID banned, a shadow ban should hit you within 30 minutes, but I say 24 hours because they could change that to longer at any time. We want good test results.

    If you are not shadow banned, no problem. In this situation, you are a free player for now and are not HWID banned. If you find yourself in this situation, you should go ahead & only use trusted, undetected, secure provider(s), avoid BS features and providers, & follow the other chapters like 1 and 2 to avoid having any problems on your new account & you may re-purchase or purchase game copies when you are comfortable & time has passed.

    If you are shadow banned, then the problem is deeper. You are likely HWID banned and that shadow ban will soon turn perma. This is not always the case, it might lift, but it's likely. Look, finding out is rough I'm not going to lie. That shadow ban comes fast but it might lift or turn perma in as long as a week... so if you are an inpatient person you might want to use the PO spoofer and make a new account.

    If you get shadow banned then it turns to a game ban, you are HWID banned confirmed assuming you didn't use anything like cheats on the new account.
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