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kevin4131 aka T4K30V3R's introduction

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whats up guys im kevin aka TAKEOVER, T4K30V3R, and this is my introduction,


ive been hacking since highschool which was right around the time counter strike source first came out, i was part of a community known as prolific cheats or prolific hacks, its been awhile lol

i currently run a custom built pc , parts list :

Corsair 5000d airflow case

z490 ace msi motherboard

i9-11850k intel overclocked to 4.9ghz all core (it can go higher lol)

EVGA 3070 FTW3 Graphics card

corsair 240mm aio

corsair vengeance pro 3600mhz rgb ram with xmp enabled

Dell 32' curved 1440p gaming monitor 165hz


pretty wicked setup, i work at bestbuy and i get a pretty good discount lol

But yeah this is me and im here to be an active member and help out where i can.

Good to meet you all and hopefully you will reply with a little something about yourself!

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