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Massive Fix List [August 3, 2021]


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I dated this post August 3, 2021 because that's when this was all done, as posted here in the Customer Area, but I've realized that some non-Customer users may want to see this list as well, so here:

"Redownload of loader is required! Updates & fixes just now pushed so even if you redownloaded a little bit ago, you need to do it again now.

WARNING: The way to redownload your loader is to delete your loader file from your downloads folder, from your USB folder, download a new one, then cut and paste it to your USB folder. Do not leave a copy in downloads.

1. Fixed connection to backend error.

2. Fixed this app can't run on PC error.

3. Fixed issue with visible checks aiming at covered players after lock on. With the new track covered players option, you can set it so that if you lock onto a visible enemy and they run behind cover, tracking will STOP.

4. Fixed issue where visible checks would break suddenly if going from Rebirth to BR. This will not happen anymore.

5. Fixed name ESP.

6. Fixed issue where people might inject successfully and not see overlays. If still doesn't work, you need to go do the new step at the loader download page under troubleshooting #4 (just added).

7. Fixed game version not supported error some people got. You will now only get this if it's legitimate and will need to wait for software update or can try to redownload loader.

8. Overlays will no longer kill after one or a few games for some users."

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