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Starting fresh on a new account but main pc

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going to be honest, right now it seems like a lot of people are seeing shadow bans. I'd recommend waiting a little while to see if things clear up just to ensure its not an issue with detections. Ricochet does HWID ban so without a spoofer you run the risk of being HWID banned. 

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On 5/20/2023 at 2:56 AM, ladderhop said:

Would it be risky for me to play using PO on a new account but on my main PC that I also use to play w/ my main account?

Would I be risking an HWID ban that affects my main?

If you highly value your main account then I don't recommend using a cheat on the same device. But realistically you'll be okay, if anything the account you use for cheats would get shadow banned at worst which wouldn't impact your main account. If you do get shadowed at some point just message us, we'll help you deal with it in a way that doesn't risk your device getting flagged.

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