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Hi all, i wanted to post this for an insight, so any replies of similar happenings to help get to the bottom of it is welcome.

Order Date: December 27, 2022


To clarify ive never had this issue in prior Call of Duty Games, i can load up PO on Vanguard and play the same and im totally fine.

I used to never have issues with PO on MW2 up until recently, seems im getting Shadowbanned consistently every single time i play.

Since buying the cheat ive had 1/2 games and shadowbanned, lifts after 3 days and then 1/2 games again and shadowbanned.

Ive heard that the new system in place is that if a whole lobby report you its an insta shadowban as 1 person can report for all the options and it counts as 5/6 reports. If all people on on team do that then that a hell of a lot of reports.

As stated i never had an issue before as i previously purchased PO and no issues. But seems off that i cant even go an hour playing without being SB.

I only use Walls as i play controller so all Aim is legit and my own. 

Im not obvious with my walls either.


I have since tested a brand new account, same settings and controller and exactly the same outcome.

Now i know its not PO as the forums would be flooded with detection threads, so i have no clue what it could be.

This game has a hell of a lot of salty players and they do mass report off of one sus kill.


Is anyone else experiencing this? 


Appreciate all the replies and/or help in advance.  



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Oh that is sad, i'm bad for ya.

But one thing you got it wrong, the shadowbans are automatic there isn't none of manual bans anymore, you'll get shadowbanned even if you're not cheating (trust me, i got shadowbanned 2x even without cheating only in the past 3 months).

The system they made is an AI, so it's tough to do something about it, but alot of people are getting banned even legit ones.


I honestly i don't know what could that be, i just see Activision is fucking up everybody, latest update was a total garbage.

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